Question 1:  What material is used for manufacturing license plates offered on CALPLATES.com?


Answer 1: Aluminum



Question 2:  Are the license plates on CALPLATES.com have raised letters, numbers, symbols and borders?


Answer 2:  All of the license plates on CALPLATES.com are embossed or stamped to produce raised letters, numbers, symbols and borders.




Question 3:  Can I use license plates purchased from CALPLATES.com to register my motor vehicle, motor cycle, moped, trailer or motor home?


Answer 3: None of the license plates sold on CALPLATES.com may be installed or used for official registration purposes.  Although our license plates look authentic, these are sold for use on show cars, museum cars, interior decoration items, automobile garage décor, movie and TV props, print and television props and auction house props.  Therefore, CALPLATES.com is not responsible for any legal issue pertaining as to how these license plates are used.



Question 4: How many LICENSE plates do I get when I purchase the default amount added to shopping cart?


Answer 4:  The price shown is for a single or one *(1) license plate.  If you need a pair, please purchase 2 license plates.



Question 5:  How real looking are CALPLATES.com license plates to the originals?


Answer 5:  CALPLATES.com understands that car collectors demand perfection when purchasing their replica license plates, so our team has engineered near-perfect replicas which can meet the requirements of the most fastidious show-car judges.  Our colors, fonts and other details are virtually “spot-on” when compared to originals.



Question 6:  What is the Order Processing Time?


Answer 5:  CALPLATES.com has an Order Processing Time of 5 - 10 business days.




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